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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

19. Lunacy (Jan Svankmajer, 2005) - B. Dark, ironic, blasphemous, disgusting, entertaining, thought-provoking. Not Svankmajer's best film but certainly among his most twisted.

20. Paradise Lost (1999) - C-. I knew going in this was a b-movie starring Marina Sirtis (really, the only reason I was watching it) and on those terms, it's really not that bad. Some parts are pretty funny on a so-bad-it's-good level. I particularly liked the scene where the power cuts out and Marina inexplicably pitches forward into the arms of William Forsythe. That's some quality writing!

21. Daybreakers - C. Painfully average in my opinion. Plays like a twist on The Matrix except it's "World controlled by Vampires" instead of "World controlled by Machines". Never really capitalizes on the sense of horror or suspense that ought to be inherent in it's premise.
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