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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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I like the reminders that the Cardassians are more "alien" than the Federation aliens as the Starfleeters cope with strange foods, shipboard customs and environmental systems. Small details, but they add much to the stress and the story-line.
Hm...well, there are some pretty "alien" Starfleeters, too (remember Te-Mae-Do? ), but I'm glad you like those details!
Point taken. I worded that poorly. There are of course, many strange aliens in the Federation. I wanted to echo your point that Federation starships take these variations in physiology into account with their environmental systems and food replicators, whereas Cardassian ships were designed for a single race. I like how you picked up on that and use that as an added stress point for the Federation contingent. The physical discomfort of strange food ("Dukat's revenge?" You had to go there! ) and warm environs add to the psychological and emotional stress. One does not always use good judgment when physically impaired. I think Spiridopolous has performed admirably, all things considered.
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