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Re: "Polaris"

The two props are made from found objects. The "Interocitor" is actually a Spy Gear Kids Satellite Listener. Here's a pic of one unaltered.

The scanner is a Beat Blenders gizmo, which I disassembled in order to put in custom interface art. I also removed the speaker cover and replaced it with the plastic end-cap of an art tube, allowing a flat area for the screen.

I found both of these at a place called Scrap in San Francisco. Total cost for the two devices: $1. The paint cost more than the props!

When making props like this I recommend basically picking up anything that has an interesting shape and seeing what you might make from it. Don't look for things that look like a tricorder or whatnot. The Beat Blender thing appealed to me precisely because the off-center speaker broke up the boxy shape. The Spy Gear thing just looked really cool when all folded up, and being triangular didn't look like anything else I could recall seeing as a prop.

Go through Goodwill type stores and just look at the toys and electronics. You can often find great shapes for practically nothing.
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