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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

BTW, forgot to say thanks to BrotherBenny for reading!

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Trust is not easily gained with so many layers of ingrained distrust to remove. Yet those of the Thirteenth Order have made tremendous progress. Whether Spiridopoulos will ever totally trust his Cardassian comrades remains to be seen. I think he wants to, but I don't know if the questions will ever fully disappear.
I think he wants to, too. Otherwise, I don't think he would've felt so bad when he realized he hurt Berat's feelings. That means he's seeing Berat as a person.

I like the reminders that the Cardassians are more "alien" than the Federation aliens as the Starfleeters cope with strange foods, shipboard customs and environmental systems. Small details, but they add much to the stress and the story-line.
Hm...well, there are some pretty "alien" Starfleeters, too (remember Te-Mae-Do? ), but I'm glad you like those details!

And to echo BrotherBenny - what the heck just happened?
You'll see...

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
Excellent scene...albeit, a little repetitive in regards to Spirodopoulos's inner conflicts. (Not that that's bad--I'm often guilty of that in INSANE ways. How many times have I had Ezri brooding over her tragic decision in Trill:Unjoined?)
I think it kind of came to a head in that scene, if it makes sense. He was really going back and forth. But I think once he hurt Berat's feelings, it made him realize that a decision has to be made.

Still, well-written as always. Looking forward to see what the heck is going on....
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