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Star Trek: Lemuria 13


Lemuria Station. Once a crucial trading post, it is now a mere outpost, manned more due to tactical than economic considerations. In addition to being right between the still-angry Klingons and the temptingly targetable Cardassians, the place is just plain bad luck.

"Oh lord, bless this thy station, that with it we may not findeth ourselves floating in thy mercy..."

Between the ascerbic venom of Captain Zhathas, the starry-eyed bombast of Commander Chase, the barely-restrained contempt CPO Bryce has for her comrades, and the bizarre events plauging the station, its not a huge leap to assume that every man, woman, and being of indeterminate gender onboard is doomed. There's a slim chance that their first adventure together might prove such predictions wrong - but chance is such a fickle thing.

This idea's been brewing in my ol' skull lately. As some may know, I was going to start a humor series called Star Trek: Enterpreis. I was a bit dissatisfied with some aspects of it, and continually retooled it until it was basically a different series. Making an effort to avoid some parody cliches, such as "I broke the fourth wall, lol", as well as toning down some of the other stuff that didn't quite work for me. This is the result.

I'm putting the last touches on the first episode... hope you folks enjoy it. In my opinion, its not going to be as amusing as what will come afterwards, but I've got a few other episodes I've already started on, with a total of 36 planned.
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