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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Spirodopoulos did a lot of thinking. I hope that finally, after summarising everything while talking to Berat, he can finally become sure that this is not a gigantic Cardassian conspiracy of unknown purpose. Gul Berat was right, how much more they would have to go through together, how much more the Cardassians would have to do to gain his (and his comrades') trust, what else could they do to prove that they are sincere? Will that "phase of proof" even end, or are the Cardassians going be scrutinised endlessly and endlessly their motives questions? It seems that Spirodopoulos (poor Gul Berat, the name is too long and too difficult? ) started to believe in their sincerity, but I still have an impression that he had his doubts and it would take a tiny mistake (or avoiding to look into his eyes) to cancel all events confirming Cardassian honesty and completely ruin that little trust they have gained so far.

And the Greek commander seems to be one of most open Starfleeters. Zh’Thessel's clear aggression shows that for some of them it's still not enough, it's still not good, it's still a suspicious situation
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