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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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And last but by no means least, my new baby:

Nikon D7000 DSLR, only with a different lens; 3 different lenses, actually. I've been wanting to get back into some semi-serious photography for a long time now (especially for the travel we have planned this coming year), and the time was finally right. I'm really enjoying learning all its capabilities, if a little intimidated.
Nice new baby. Very, very nice.
Thank you. I'm really happy with it. Still learning what all it's capable of, but the process is fun.

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I just got a new home theater system for myself (because my Klipsch sub finally blew after 7 years) and a new home theater receiver for my mom because her LG Receiver/DVD Player blew:
Nice unit. I think this may be coming up on my purchase list before long. I may look you up for advice. My 6 year old Yamaha unit is actually still fine ..., but it doesn't have enough inputs for all our various devices. Was okay not to have the Wii go through the receiver ... until we started using it to watch Netflix content.
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