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Re: Leighton Meester: Babe of the week #10 (Mar. 2011)

Othello wrote: View Post
Go to Ok Cupid and take (you don't have to sign up to take the test) the "Your Type of Girl" test and get your result and then see the list of other types which are all linked on the result page.
I just can't resist an internet quiz.

In any event, my unsurprising but hilariously on-topic type pretty much sums up why I fancy Leighton as Blair Waldorf...

The Debutante

62% Sexy-Cute, 45% Dark-Light, 76% Artsy-Stylish

Cute, neither Dark nor Light, and Stylish, you'll find the Debutante at high-class New York parties, making the rounds. She'll have a glass of champagne in one gloved hand, her hair perfectly coifed, her makeup exactingly applied. Her slinky, perfect little black dress keeps many an eye firmly on her, wondering what lies beneath.
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