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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

Well, then just say it's about being jealous instead of fairness and value. I mean, you just finished taking a 7th and 8th rounder for Bautista, and I got less than that for McCutchen, so fairness isn't really an issue, and I'm certainly giving pretty good value in the trades...

Reason people keep trading with me is because of that, mostly. Heck, I've traded Hamels since we talked

I definitely know what you're trying to say, but when it's fair value for a known commodity now, and you have keeper spots available, not always a bad move to lock things down. Maybe you find something better, maybe the draft goes in a different direction. really depends on how you feel about the guy in the trade, i guess. Sportzkid wasn't getting McCutchen outside of trading for him, for example. I'd either keep him, or he'd go pretty much immediately in the draft, and Sportzkid wasn't in position to get him. Maybe you can find someone else you like, or go after pitching and get weaker OF players later, but if you want THAT guy, gotta make a move. Same with the recent trade for Hamels. A couple teams really only have 2-3 legitimate keepers on their team, so there are going to be several rounds where the good non-kept players are taken off the board before the 7th round starts. If you want one of those top 60-70 players, and you're not one of those teams basically starting over, you have to trade for them or go in another direction. Even for players not being kept, if you have 5 keepers of your own, you're going to lose out on those kinds of guys to the team that only kept 3. If it's a guy that really shouldn't go until the 10th or 12th round, you can probably risk it. If he's normally a 4th round pick, seems unlikely...
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