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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
Not to sound like an arrogant Niner or anything, but you should have kept the DS9 episode in the competition because, uhh... it's definitely better than the VOY and B5 opponents.
I'm not comparing them based on episode merits tho', but rather the gimmick. That said...
TheGodBen wrote: View Post
Next, review episodes about industrial disputes:

B5: By Any Means Necessary
DS9: Bar Association
Voyager: Worst Case Scenario
TNG: Shades of Gray
Unfortunately, SoG didn't air during DS9's run. There is one TNG episode that *might* work tho'.

Blue Collar Whining Week
DS9 - Bar Association (S4)
TNG - Journey's End (S7)
VOY - Worst Case Scenario (S3)
B5 - By Any Means Necessary (S1)

Okay, so Native Americans (First Nations as they're known here in Canuckland) aren't exactly the same thing, but it's a similar premise, of Big Corporate Evil coming in and tramplin' on the rights of the little guy. But, they folded! Huh? What kind of stand-for-rights was that? Damn TNG and all its compromises.

And the stand-for-rights didn't even happen on VOY. Instead of seeing Chakotay having balls and standing up to the Evil Janeway Corporation, it's all a simulation that even the real Chakotay disbelieves could happen. Man, what a whipped cur he is. Maybe he's secretly on Janeway's payroll or fears Tuvok comin' in breakin' some knee caps, eh?

Plus, it isn't a good sign that in both cases here, it's the Native Americans being defeated. That's sooo un-PC, man.

Okay, so it's Rom's union versus the Dock Workers. Well, the Dock Workers could bust heads if they really wanted to, and a lot of them really want to bust heads. On the other hand, Rom's union has much nicer lookin' busts!

Right, right. Focus. Uh, neither 'worker's plight' plot is terribly interesting, but I'm giving the nod to DS9 in this case. Brunt made for a better villain than Mr. Slick (or whatever his name was), and at least Sisko didn't get dragged into the whole fiasco (well, aside from dealing with Worf-O'Brien-Bashir's entanglement).

Whoa, Rom wins? What a lucky guy.


Hey, any other Gimmick Versus to suggest?
DS9 Versus
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