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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Another sick thing about today's world. The reality show.

Honestly, what on earth is so special about it? To many, it's a cash cow. A ratings booster to help some network who is suffering from poor ratings and corporate mismanagement. If nothing else, it dangerously comes close to crossing the line in a network's policy concerning standards and practices.

What celebrities do in their private lives is their own business. Personally, it should stay that way. If nothing else, the networks should take their cues from someone like the late Stanley Kubrick and Harrison Ford(two people in the industry who are fiercely private). The last time I looked, the Right To Privacy still exists.

Paddy Chayefski was right when he depicted what was yet to come in his 1976 Oscar winning masterpiece 'Network'. Not only have the major networks become desperate to broadcast anything to achieve excellent ratings, they have turned such networks into(and pardon me for using this description)'whorehouses of entertainment'.

A clear sign of, as Howard Beale would say, 'the hypocricies of our times.' And of our youth being defiled even more by such visual garbage.
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