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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

Well, to be fair, whichever team WHAM is just added a 7th and 8th rounder for Bautista and a 9th rounder, so that move by itself added more to a team than anything I've done this year.

Not saying there isn't some merit to trying your luck and seeing what you can pick up rather than trading for the player now, but you lose the certainty of actually GETTING that player. If you only use a couple Keeper spots, you can most likely get whoever you want, but past that, you're competing with everyone else.

Besides, if you don't trade for the player you wanted (Hamels, Rios, Upton, whoever), maybe I'll trade them to someone else before you get your chance I have no loyalty to players, I'd trade my favorite home-town guy for an improved keeper pick or draft slot

Also, my team is going to win it all this year either way, so rather than spite yourself trying to stop it, might as well start competing for second place
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