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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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I definitely hope it helps both of them.
Only time will tell

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The superstition was actually the part that surprised me the most. I think my Cardassians treated even superstition as disloyalty, a lack of trust in the state. It wouldn't get you killed, necessarily (unless they decided it was evidence you were Oralian), but it was definitely likely to get you "re-educated."
My Cardassians wanted to remove "religious superiority" of the Oralians, but they didn't want to completely "delete" and recreate culture from scratch. Those extreme revolutionists were stopped from doing it, as "normal" revolutionists wanted the people's support. Denying all their customs could turn the people against them, not make them follow them.
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The node on my Cardassians' foreheads is a bit more vulnerable, though there is still bone there. But because of the function of the one on my Cardassians' chests--or the function it once served, that it no longer does, it is actually very well protected by bone. It used to be the "internal sensor," for lack of better words, that monitored one's own bioelectric fields and the brain took that information to filter that out when receiving external bioelectric information from the node on the forehead. Because it did not need to sense any external information, and needed information from the heart more than anything, it could be very heavily shielded.

Those nerves are no longer so sensitive, but the thick bone remains.
I remember that, this certainly appeared a few times in your stories, especially in contexts of sudden approach and risks it could pose.

I am not quite sure, yet, what chanth is/was for exactly.
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