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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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... stocked up on incandescent bulbs
My local Tesco's has a big sign at the entrance "LAST CHANCE TO BUY" re: incandescents. I stocked up too.

When they run out, I'll switch, but I have a lot of light fittings requiring small candles & small globes, and the energy-saving versions of these are very expensive. I actually worked out the "cost-per-hour-use" of the energy-saving versions compared to the incandescents, based on what they say on the packaging (which is probably a trifle over-generous in lifespan, but still) and they come out to be about 25% more expensive even on this measure. So yeah, I stocked up on the cheaper incandescents.

Hopefully by the time my stock runs out, the cost of the energy-savers will have come down through scale/technological advances.
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