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Re: Leighton Meester: Babe of the week #10 (Mar. 2011)

Thumbs up.

It's interesting that she's scoring low and people don't like her face. She looks almost exactly like Minka Kelly...

Same face, hair, tight dresses, etc. Of course, Minka Kelly is not only older, but comes off as having a bit more sophistication or "sexual charisma", for lack of a better term. Maybe that's where the difference lies.

I'm sure Gossip Girl has something to do with it too.

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I think we need to bring back the "G" in this thread. With 10,000 TV shows now there is an endless supply of these cute, but perfectly interchangeable babes filling slots on the WB or CW or BS or whatever channel panders to the kids these days. The line must be drawn here! This far and no further!
I like that things are opened up a bit more. If this were confined to "genre babes", we'd not only run low on names, but miss a lot of actresses who aren't doing any scifi/action/fantasy work.
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