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New Comic Caption Contest! "Random Stuff"

First, last time's winners (*cue drumroll*)...
Deranged Nasat wrote:

Pirate Riker: The Council of Rikers has spoken! Beardless Riker, you're on dramatic posing duty. Imzadi Riker, you're on the womanizing shift. Rhythmic Riker, you'll play the trombone. Solemn Riker...continue what you're doing".
Christopher wrote:

UHURA: Go on, lie down already.
BLAISE: No, I'd rather not get grass in my cleavage.
UHURA: Well, you're the one who forgot to bring beach towels!
Herkimer Jitty wrote:

Spock: "As you made a query earlier, we have provided extensive calculations and visual aid. In short-"

Mirror Spock: "In short, this diagram explains in great detail, why we cannot have nice things."
Mysterion wrote:
CAPTION: Due to transporter malfunction, the Enterprise crew finds themselves outside of Cairo in 2011!

KIRK: Look! Riots! Let's go break some stuff!

McCOY: But, Captain, the Temporal Prime, the hell with it! Let's kick some butts!
You are all...
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