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Looks good. Love the checkerboard pattern, it looks almost quilted. As for the stray block, just use some sand or dirt and jump-drop your way up there. It took me awhile to figure out that holding down the SNEAK key lets you hang over the edge of a block without falling off.

Game nearly gave me a heart attack today. Theres a wooded area atop my cave where I can go up in the mornings to collect arrows and feathers. Theres a spot atop the staircase where Creepers have ambushed me in the past, so theres a large crater there with a single layer of dirt blocks covering it. Well, I was wondering why I hadn't seen a Creeper in awhile, when finally I ran into one. I jumped back, andit exploded, opening up the hidden crater. Apparently the game had been glitching and the buggers had been spawning underground. I look up, and there are three of them coming at me! I probably could have dove off the cliff into the bay, but panicked and machine gunned them with my bow instead.

Just wish I'd had the presence of mind to hit the Print Screen key.
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