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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I almost cried when I saw Jarol sharing AU Dukat's message with Laran.
So did I writing it. I thought that his words would help her to help Laran and herself. It's "easy" to feel guilty and difficult to understand that you are not, but it's not easy to watch someone you love doing the same.

The mourning ceremony is so different from the ones I always pictured in the Sigils universe...very touching. Mine stripped away so, so much, from their ceremonies, for fear of the ceremony looking anything like what the Oralians used to do, that almost all that's left is either a military or state ritual.
Mine didn't go that far. They stripped it of any religious rites or words but didn't go as far as remove all of symbolism (or superstitions--the bad luck part; even if many don't believe in it, they still wouldn't want to blow the flame off).

But then, that also has to do with the function of the krilătbre-yezul, as it's called in Sigils, which I suspect is quite different from the chanth in yours.
Do your Cardassians have their hearts in the middle, under the krilătbre-yezul? I don't remember if it was in any of your stories.

Chanth is such a vulnerable place that having the heart in the one of two spots without scales would be too risky--it's too easy to punch through (scales offer a bit more resistance) and stab the heart. So it's hidden under thicker muscle+scale covered skin and aorta runs under ridges, which aren't as protruding as those on their faces, but still there is visible bulge under those big, thick scales on their torsos.
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