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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Wow. Amazing!

I was glad to see that Zamarran's wife was able to explain to him what happened with Dorak, where all of that anger came from. While I still think Dorak was a lot ruder than he needed to be (he could've simply said, "Leave me alone," and let that be the end of it), I hope that now Zamarran will remember that before he judges someone again. Not that he ever seemed to be in the habit of judging people--but we all make mistakes, even the best of us, and it's best that we learn from them.

I almost cried when I saw Jarol sharing AU Dukat's message with Laran. First to see how she remembered him...and then to see Laran benefit from the time he spent in your universe, too. Perhaps this is one of the ways AU Dukat's prayers were answered. No doubt he would wish none of this had happened--but he would be pleased to know that perhaps he could make a difference for the child (now a grown man) whose name he made sure he wouldn't be made to forget.

The mourning ceremony is so different from the ones I always pictured in the Sigils universe...very touching. Mine stripped away so, so much, from their ceremonies, for fear of the ceremony looking anything like what the Oralians used to do, that almost all that's left is either a military or state ritual.

As for Jarol...looks like she's in a lot of trouble there!

(BTW...I notice you have the Cardassian heart located in a different place than I do. But then, that also has to do with the function of the krilătbre-yezul, as it's called in Sigils, which I suspect is quite different from the chanth in yours.)
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