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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

I know this book is older but I just finished and I was disappointed.

1. The pacing was awful. It seemed like pages and pages would go by while characters just discussed things instead of actually doing something.

Every action or decision seemed to require a meeting or conversation. It was like Star Trek: Middle Managers. I think the book needed another pass in editing because it was as if the author had multiple ideas how a scene could go ad instead of picking the best, he used them all in the form of a meeting between different characters.

2. The Gorn names were too similar. Maybe this was just me but I had a hard time realizing who was who. I 50 pages in before I realized the Gorn who mutinied was not a part of the other Gorn fleet.

3. As others mentioned, it was unbelievable the Mind Meld and Riker's meeting on the Gorn vessel happened off screen. it was the climax of the book!

I usually like the author's work but this one was a tough one to get through.
I suppose I should have come up with something witty or clever...
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