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Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*

It's over

Originally Posted by Zap2it
"The Cape" ended its on-air run on Monday (Feb. 28), even though it still has one more episode left to air.

You'll still get to see that episode -- you'll just have to watch it on a somewhat smaller screen. As reported by TV Series Finale, the 10th and last episode of "The Cape's" first season will debut online sometime this month.

A note on the show's page at reads, "The creators of 'The Cape' are prepping an exclusive episode just for online fans! Keep watching this

site in the days ahead to see a full-length special episode."

Prospects for "The Cape's" return for a second season were fairly dim anyway, and moving the final episode off-air doesn't brighten them any. NBC had initially planned to air two episodes of the show on Monday, but its meager ratings (just 4.1 million viewers and a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49 this week) led the network to decide against taking "Chuck" off the air two weeks in a row ("The Event's" two-hour return will pre-empt it next week).

I tried to like this show but it was just so bad I had to stop watching after the fourth episode. And to people who don't look at ratings, yes The Cape's were really awful. Also, LOL at Summer Glau's luck. Homegurl is really cursed, isn't she?
And because so many people would be lying if they didn't see it coming,

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