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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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For the record, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators and producers of South Park, tend to skew to the political right (in fact, there was a book that came out a few years ago entitled "South Park Conservatism") and a careful viewing of the show will reveal that some of the harshest barbs are actually reserved for liberals and their sacred cows (not that the right is safe, they open fire on stupidity and pomposity wherever it's found). Barbra Steisand in particular is unabashedly reviled. And in their movie "Team America: World Police", they make a point of making some of the most outspoken liberal actors look like complete idiots at every opportunity.
Quite so. Al Gore in particular is the subject of some of their harshest wit. The "Man Bear Pig" episode absolutely skewers Gore. "I'm cereal!" But the amazing thing is how they can nail someone weeks, months or even years before the rest of the media catches on, ref. Mel Gibson (who they portrayed as a nutcase) and even Avatar (which they turned into a Smurf movie).
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