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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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Leftover stuffed cabbage leaves I made Saturday night.

I'm the god of galumpkis.
I'm sure I've mentioned this at some point in the thread's 106 pages, but my late father-in-law used to take the essential components of stuffed cabbage -- cabbage, rice, ground beef, seasonings -- and put them in the crock pot with crushed tomatoes, and cooked them low and slow for about ten hours. It's terrible for you (especially if you add sour cream when dishing it out), but a great comfort food about once a year.
Sounds like a lot less effort than stuffing/rolling all those leaves. Great dish but a pain to make.

I use a combo of ground beef and pork in mine. The recipe I use calls for a sauce of crushed tomatos and seasonings, plus some vinegar to make it slightly tart.

I'll have to try the sour cream idea at some point.

This weekend will be something with lobster. We had planned to take a day trip to the coast and walk along the shore, get some lunch, visit a park we like, etc. We usually picnic in the summer, but it's a bit chilly for that, and planned to grab some lobster for lunch instead.

But it's supposed to rain all weekend, so we're stuck inside, but I can still cook some up at home.

Any suggestions for recipes? I've got a lobster taco recipe that looks awesome.
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