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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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The only Star Trek joke that I noticed was the spoof of 'Dagger Of The Mind'(an episode of TOS that was not all that hot, despite its interesting premise). Aside from that, that was it.
Then you're speaking from ignorance. There's dozens of Star Trek references in the series, from the red shirt getting killed by "the big scary monster" to Cartman's mom's SUV being used as a shuttlecraft by the kids while playing Star Trek.

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Entertaining and thought-provoking? Maybe to those of such juvenille, sophomoric, and liberal mentalities. But to those of a more staunch, conservative nature, not in the slightest bit.
You know, you're really speaking from ignorance. You have no idea about my political sensibilities, and you've no idea about the series you're trashing. You're also reflecting BADLY on your associates who are trying to get their own fan film series (using the Exeter sets) off the ground.

You've come into this thread and demanded we return to the original subject, and now you're denigrating folks with different tastes than your own. Personally, I think that's uncalled for and unfair.
Perhaps I should have been more clear in my viewpoint. South Park, from my observations and those that I have spoken with, is a clear example of how sick the world is, and most of all, a clear indication of how humanity is literally going down the tubes.

A prime example of this is the character of Cartman. An individual who has the gall and the nerve to make constant racial slurs and other vile comments about another character's religion. I believe that the young man is named Kyle. And if I am not mistaken, Kyle is of the Jewish faith.

Cartman has gone as far as even dressing as Adolf Hitler, which goes to show you how sick, twisted, vile, ignorant, and demented his mentality is. The very idea of dressing up as someone who had six million lives exterminated is just twisted and downright disturbing. And unfortunately, that kind of mentality is also reflected in today's youth.

A youth, for which, has gotten out of control in today's world, because the elders have not re-enforced old fashioned discipline(i.e. paddling a youth on the rear end for showing disrespect).
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