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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I grew up watching TOS reruns and TNG as it came out. Followed by VOY. Then ENT. I've been told that when I was around 5 my favorite character was Worf. It's now Picard. TNG is my favorite series but I like all things Trek. Even the new movie. Both parents like Trek as does my younger sister with my older one hating it. My favorite ep is Best of Both Worlds followed by The Inner Light. I thought Q was a fantastic character and was a tad upset he didn't at least have a cameo in the movies. I really don't dislike any character. They can be annoying but people are annoying IRL too. I've read a few Trek books and enjoyed what I read, aside from Sarek. That was pretty bad. Peter Kirk? Pfft. I really don't care for the TNG movies. Generations and First Contact would be solid if they didn't piss all over everything. Nemesis was okay. Insurrection was horrible. I'd rather watch all the crappy holodeck eps than that.
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