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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

In case I've misunderstood something here, then scroll down to my view on South Park.

In case, I haven't then read on further.

I'm well aware of hiccups every so often. However that was not the point I was trying to make.

My point was this. The subject thread is about Exeter's progress. Let's stay on topic there, instead of going all over the canvas with other subjects that have no relation to this one. It will get confusing to people who are new on the BBS.

And Just to clarify things, I have learned the full scoop on the hiccup from someone who was directly involved. I'm satisfied with the information, so consider that my final word in the matter.

Oh, and two hundred quatloos to ban South Park and its crude humor from the airwaves, indefinately. I don't know what people find so special about this 'cheap cartoon', but honest to God, its subject matter is a lot to be desired.

If people want controversy, they should rent either Capricorn One or Midnight Express. Now those films are controversial.

South Park's controversy and 'bathroom humor' subject matter certainly gives cartoons a very bad name.
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