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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

I guess it makes sense that Bane would act as a member or part of the League of Shadows, but I was kinda hoping for him to be his own villain without any allegiance to anything. I'm sure he'll be his own villain at some point, but just the words "Talia's muscle" kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I have faith in Nolan, but I'm still apprehensive about this news, if it provides to be true of course.

I don't think Nolan would make Bane a retard or would demean him in any large capacity, but I guess I like the idea of him being his own entity without any affiliation to The League of Shadows more than him being on some level apart from the very beginning. I guess I like the idea of Bane operating as a rogue, but brilliant strategist and assassin in Gotham City more than as a member of The League of Shadows or as Talia's lackey.

I guess I just find it lazy to retread familiar or similar ground and material. Featuring The League of Shadows again seems inherently lazy and unimaginative to me.
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