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- Seeking to understand or even empathize with a terrorist group or other enemy does not equal approval of their actions. If they had been Islamists, I think a lot of people probably would have dismissed their cause out of hand as unrelatable. Instead, they chose to have the motivation be the loss of the unity we as a nation felt after 9/11 and the fact that people have largely put the war in Afghanistan (and to a lesser extent the fact that there are still troops in Iraq) out of sight and out of mind despite soldiers still being wounded and dying there on a regular basis. That's very relatable to the viewing audience, and therefore hopefully gets at least some of them to think about extending that consideration to other issues.
Not to mention that it simply makes a more interesting story if the villains have some ambiguity or identifiable motives. The problem with interpreting story content purely in political terms is that writing fiction isn't solely about polemic. It can have a message, but if a story isn't engaging in and of itself, then the message won't be as effectively conveyed. So a writer's first priority is usually going to be telling a good story.

I also thought it was smart having an American of Iranian descent like Pasdar play the role (plus he gave a great performance).
Oh, I didn't realize that. Might've made things more nuanced if his character had been written as Iranian-American as well.

I was a little disappointed about the semi-copout on them being found, defrosted, and back in action so quickly...
Well, the alternative was that they'd die, so I'd call that a necessary copout. And I like it that it was Alexis's knowledge of her father (that he would never fail to leave her a message) that alerted Ryan and Espinoza to track them down, although I wish we'd actually gotten to see Alexis telling them that rather than hearing about it secondhand. (Is there some reason Molly C. Quinn has so little screen time lately? Perhaps she's been studying for finals or something.)

The actress who played the Syrian woman
Bahar Soomekh. Who's actually Iranian by birth.
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