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Oh, looks like the guys have already helped with your glass tunnel problem Owain. I hope you won't give up. I love underwater viewports. Now if only Notch would give us some fish and water plants.

Speaking of water, heres my dillema. Actually its not QUITE this bad anymore, but still pretty rough.

Not much accomplished today. I straightened out my trackway,

and spruced my room up a bit (bunk bed ftw!).


Oh, and heres a shot of my main mineshaft down to the diamond layer. The only opening is a single block where the ladder touches the surface. With blocks on either side, when you slip through the opening, you basically slide all the way down to the bottom with no problem. Perfectly safe too unless you intentionally jump off. Overhead theres a matching glass skylight in the roof to keep things well lit during the day. And you can turn the camera upside down and pretend you're flying down the Death Star trench on the way down.

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Shit, the game doesn't cost that much, just buy it! If you enjoy it you will get tons of hours of gameplay at 1/3 the cost of a typical game.
Yeah, the free version is basically a sandbox game as far as I could tell. I'll second second what Robert said. I think its still selling for like $14 US. Definately a bargain, plus you get free frequent updates. Not to mention you'll be helping supporting indy game design. 1.3 million players can't be wrong.
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