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And I reject the premise that there is any such compulsion. And I think it's an ugly thing when something that should be an individual moral imperative is dismissed as "political correctness" or bowing to peer pressure. It's a straw-man attempt to discredit a sincere commitment to equality and justice by painting it as something self-serving and hypocritical. It's an attempt to discredit the idea by attacking the integrity of the person expressing it, and that is ad hominem and inappropriate. You have no basis to make such assumptions about the motivations of the people who choose to tell these stories.

Is it really so hard to believe that people can speak out for equality and fairness out of personal moral convictions rather than external pressure to conform? Is it really so hard to believe that the majority of educated people (as professional writers presumably are) genuinely agree as a matter of individual conscience that racial and religious prejudices should be actively combatted, and that the preponderance of stories debunking stereotypes is merely the sum total of those individual convictions?
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