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Well, based on that, then portraying an Islamic terrorist shouldn't be a problem.
Okay, I have to point this out -- they're not "Islamic terrorists." They're Islamists -- members of a political movement that uses a radicalized interpretation of religion as a rationale.
I speak of terrorists who are Islamic. I used "Islamic" as an adjective for the noun "terrorist." I wasn't saying all Islamics are terrorists, just that my subject in this case was terrorists who are Islamic. And if I used it wrong, then, okay, fair (if nitpicky) point.

As for the rest, it's a perfectly valid view, and I appreciate the reasoned response. I'm not saying writers of good conscience should avoid balanced characters, I'm just saying I'd hate for my entertainment to become dulled and homogenized, or devoid of opinions and personality, because everyonefeels, due to some kind of social stigma or peer pressure, that they have to do it.
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