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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Picard and the others were not aware of this?
Admiral Ross was, but not Picard and Janeway so far as I know.

If it's really so stupid--frankly, that is often an indication that there was something else going on. (Observe all the attempts by Trek authors to give more "reasonable" explanations for events than that which we saw on screen--which, as you know, was the purpose behind The Good That Men Do. Such authors make that same creative assumption.)

Noted. But what of the massacre of worlds like Deneva, Risa, etc?
The Borg never made it beyond Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space (and independent worlds in the area). The Romulan worlds outside of the dead zone--the large majority of pre-2381 settled Romulan worlds--and the entirety of the Typhon Pact was intact.

Well, if they were so infuriated by that, driving them to come out of the shadows and take that kind of risk with no benefit to them or (alleged) Federation security...perhaps they're not as "hopelessly corrupt" as you would believe.
Dealing with Min Zife's sins by killing everyone on Tezwa doesn't speak well of Section 31's methods, or its subtlety.

In all seriousness, those [pro-Confederate] orginizations are hardly hidden, Sci. If they were to organize into a vast behind-the-scenes conspiracy...perhaps.
... eventually encountering failure given how much the South has changed in the century and a half since the end of the US Civil War.

Basically, suggesting that Section 31 that persists for extended periods of time as a very active security agency that operates outside of regulation implies things about the Federation and Federation citizens, and the durability of conspiracies, et cetera, which don't fit with what we do know. The Federation is a democracy, with an active civil society with well-established freedoms of the press and so on, and reluctance to engage in the sorts of dirty intelligence operations. There are limits.

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