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Who is interested in a highly organized post by post Star Trek DS9/NG

Who Is Interested in a Highly Organized Post by Post Star Trek DS9/NG RPG?
-Okay, NOW I am advertising! But this is mainly here to see who is interested in Role Playing-

This would be a fourm where you'd go and write, in character, of your own made up personality, or, if you'd so integrally indulge yourself, post as a cannon from the series of NG or DS9. That means Dukat, Data, Sisko, Warf, Dax, O'Brian, Kira, Odo, Nog, ETC, ETC, all within the realm of the Star Trek universe.

Most of all, you'd have a lot of fun trying to play out your actions, fight, and discover 'new' things within the Star Trek Universe, new battles, and anything else you can fathom.

What a Post by Post RPG is
It's where you write out a post IN CHARACTER of the character you are representing, be it a character you made up, or the cannon you are playing, and await a response in the thread in which you posted in.

Think about it;YOU are apart of the story! YOU make the story WITH other people! It's fun, simple, and quite addicting when you have a wide arrange of people involved! Plus you will learn greatly as you write!

How You Get Involved
For starts,you simply make an account and debrief yourself on the rules of the game, hosting fourm, and edict/regulations of it all (in play rules [for example, no god-modding], common rules [for example, no racial insults towards a specific person or ethnic group]) from the webmaster who created the fourm. You make/fill out something called a character sheet, get approved, and start to play.

When This Fourm Be Activated And Available
From this date, I estimate in a time span of one to two weeks if anyone is interested. So, before or around March 17th, 2011. When this fourm is completed and ready to recive members, I will post the link in this thread, as well as my profile.

I have a few questions for anyone who sees this thread.

  1. Who is interested in a highly organized post by post Star Trek DS9/NG RPG?
  2. Do you have any questions that I can help you with or help you better understand? If so, please post them and I shall respond within one to twenty-four hours.

If you find this interesting, and wish to get your friends involved in this, please link them to this thread!

I eagerly await anything you have to ask or say. I can promise you this; this RPG fourm will not die like countless others that I have seen that are set in Star Trek with only five members. With your help and with your interests at heart, it will most defiantly fuel it.

~Weyoun Ten

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