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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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Speaking strictly as a viewer and not as a maker of fan films, one suggestion I'd have is to avoid making your film or series an example of what I've dubbed "YASYAC" -- Yet Another Ship, Yet Another Crew.

So your show or series is about the Whatchamacallit-class USS Thingamajig, launched on stardate xxxxx.x. The captain is a 47-year-old, androgynous, one-third human, one-third Ferengi, one-third water buffalo, your first officer is a Betazoid-Andorian-Caitian-Excalbian-Talosian-Sheliak hybrid, and the deputy chief engineer's name is Hank.

So what?

Why should I care about your ship and your crew? What's the compelling reason to watch? What is it that distinguishes the USS Thingamajig from the USS Yadayadayada?

I would encourage fan filmmakers to put a unique twist on their projects -- something to make their works stand out in some way.
You forgot to add: "And why does that ship/station have to play a deciding role in yet another war which was started just for the sake of that fanfilm (series)?"
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