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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Awwwwwwwwwww, Brenok saying, "I love you, my son." How SWEET! My heart just about melted when I read that line!
I thought that since I already have such perfect vocabulary for my Cardassians, why not use it
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I wish I could make Brenok stop hurting himself. I'd sing to him, play music (however badly...maybe enough so that he'd have to laugh), whatever it took. I'd send him all my records of the loudest, most "violent" music I own (and you know just how loud that really is), for when he really needs to vent. I know that helps me sometimes. Other times, I cry, and it helps to do that. And I have no patience with those who say men shouldn't. I would rather a man cry, than damage his health in any way; the body generates tears for a reason.
I'm sure he cries too but sometimes it's not enough for him. Sometimes he feels like he needs to punish himself for something he did (even if he had no influence on a tragic outcome).
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As for Brenok's plan...what a way to keep people guessing! I didn't think he planned genocide, but I had thought he had a different backup plan in mind from the one he actually came up with.
Actually, this was Korel's plan--the quarantine blockade. I am not sure who came up with an idea of finding the children's families, could have been Brenok.

At least you didn't read through me and didn't know what was to come, for once!
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That was so sad, to see that Boreep died. That's going to haunt Demok for sure. For someone who--according to this virus, is a "child," that's a very heavy and adult burden to bear. (What is the age of majority in Cardassian society? Demok can't really be a child legally, if he's a sub-archon...?)
I think 20 years old.

I know we have 18 years old Tekeny Ghemor serving in the Guard, but I assume that from 18 a young person can already make some decisions, but they have to be approved by their parents. From 20+ they are considered adults.
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Captain Ram, and her politeness towards non-telepaths, is very refreshing after Lwaxana Troi's total rudeness. She and my Professor Shalwa would probably get along well--though Shalwa does tend to accidentally eavesdrop (I think she's a pretty powerful telepath), but has a sense of what will and won't bother people to tell them. She doesn't like feeling their discomfort or upset.
That's exactly what I wanted to achieve--not another Betazoid that would read everyone just because it's natural for her. She respects others' privacy. I'm glad she makes a good impression
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