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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Well, time will tell if the UFP intel forces were up on this, then--i.e., if any agents were on Romulus, or Tzenkethi.
Having agents on Romulus or Tzenkethi alone is one thing. Having them properly positioned to capture usable intelligence is another. And having them successfully transmit it back, yet another.

Except they haven't formed such a friendship yet.
But they're forming it: that's what the Typhon Pact is about. The various powers aren't resting their faith in blind belief in the good will of their partners, but rather on testable and verifiable results. Will this technology get shared? Will those trade goods be delivered? Will these maneuvers be coordinated? So far, it seems to be working out.

The Borg were selective in their quest, as far as the Alpha/Beta quadrant powers are concerned.
The Borg seem to have prioritized--in the region of the Azure Nebula came the Federation first, then their Klingon allies, then the Romulans--but they weren't selective. Their end goal seems to have been to destroy all the independent civilizations, the ones to be included in the Typhon Pact, too, within reach of the Azure Nebula.
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