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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Frankly, I can't help but wonder, if it were as bad as all that, and that Koval was only duping 31 all along...why they would continue to support him.
For the same reason any intelligence organization would continue to support a bad source: Pride. Refusal to admit mistakes.
So 31's not "worse" than other intelligence agencies, as far as efficiency is concerned....
Who said that it was? All we're saying is that it's not as preternaturally capable and resilient as you suggest.

The RSE is merely one power. The fact that the vast majority of the Pact escaped the bunt of the attact nonetheless gives them something of an advantage.
But first among equals, as Rough Beasts of Empire pointed out, with a larger economy and population and more advanced technological base that could have transformed the pact into a Romulan-led coalition. Hence the Tzenkethi

[QUOTE]One of the things I liked about the fact that Section 31 assassinated Min Zife was that it was completely understandable why they would do it. No, it wasn't the right thing to assassinate a Federation President -- but, by the same token, he had just gotten thousands of Federates Klingons and millions of Tezwans killed to cover up his criminal activities. It's clearly wrong, but it's also clearly motivated by a sense of right and wrong, and it wasn't an operation that directly benefited either Federation security or themselves.
[on the assassination of Min Zife] Well! I seem to recall you not being so understanding when we discussed that issue--in fact, you used it as an example of why the Bureau should be abolished....
Noting a certain moral grey zone doesn't necessarily denote approval. I can only imagine how Picard would feel if he learned that, no, Zife didn't go on an extended quiet vacation ...

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But the postulate on the table is that S31 could be largely exposed and dismantled, but it would be decentralized enough that a few isolated cells would survive. It seems those cells would have to be fairly small and not have much influence. Whatever they evolved into, it would probably be something relatively petty on the interstellar scale. And Section 31 as a secret power within the Federation government and military would still have effectively ceased to exist, so what remained would no longer be relevant.
Small cells can grow, Chris. Over time, one can easily argue they'll be back to specs.
You could say that, but why would scattered cells grow back into the same organization. Leaving aside the new popular paranoia about the possibility of centuries-old secret conspiratorial agencies in the Federation, different cells are likely to have different positions on what to do, on what went wrong, et cetera. They'd be as likely to fight each other as to band together, never mind take on a warned Federation.
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