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Re: Let Me In (Possible Spoilers)

Couple more interesting observations/questions about the movie (before the thread fades into oblivion):

1.)How many previous vampires might Abby have sired since she became a vampire and how many might have survived and are wandering around elsewhere? I'm speaking, of course, of the woman (that "survived" her attack) that we find out later that she unintentionally sired? Given the tragic fate of the woman/vampire that she sired as a result of her aborted attack, one might conclude that the survival rate of newborn vampires is probably pretty low due to the likelihood that most of them wouldn't be aware of their condition and able to protect themselves on their own (and avoid bursting into flames at the first ray of sunlight). SOMEBODY had to have sired Abby in the first place and protect her long enough for her to learn what she had to do to survive but, of course, we're never given much of her backstory though.

2.) When Abby's caretaker dies, did he willingly sacrifice himself for her (seeking "release from death) or did she decide to dispose of him because of his "failure" with his latest attempted attack. Based on what we had seen up to the point, my perception was that he was in torment and actually welcomed getting caught and wanted death at that point (foreshadowing of what will eventually happen to the boy?) and Abby basically "released" him from his responsibility to care (almost like putting down a sick pet). Did anybody else read that scene differently? I think that we can debate the point about whether or not Abby is a "monster" but she conveyed what seemed to be genuine care and sympathy for her "caregiver" at that particular moment.

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