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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Rush does make a good point that the organization is de-centralized, so they couldn't be entirely weeded out in one fell swoop.
But again, it's inconsistent to argue both that they're so decentralized and that they could somehow retain a continuous identity and influence for generations as their membership changes. If they're that decentralized, then what was left after the big "weeding out" would just be a few malcontents here and there, nothing big enough, ... And those few lingering fragments would probably just die out or change focus eventually.
And that's my point that if Daniels was in fact part of the 31st century version of Section 31, then it wouldn't be the same Section 31 as in the 24th century.

The Bajoran Underground was able to walk amongst the general public for fifty years without being completely eradicated.
That's because the general public wanted them there.
By general public, I mean Bajorans (who did want them around) and Cardassians (who didn't). It's easy to forget Cardassian civilians were living on Bajor. So were they innocent victims of the Resistance? That particular episode left it open to interpretation.
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