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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Novels...not to my knowledge--but sometimes, it depends on one's definition of "right". Still, I agree--for all the talk about the DS9 writers intending them to force fans to do some soul-searching, a la "In The Pale Moonlight"...they tend to be painted as clear-cut bad guys, and every time we almost have a legit debate in the novels--it gets shoved aside by our "heroes".

As for episodes...well, they help out Archer and Co. in "Demons/Terra Prime". Other than that...well, I could defend other actions of theirs, but...little or nothing clear-cut "moral".
Yeah, I failed to use quotes around "right" in my last post. Obviously anything they do is questionable just by their very existence. I just would love to see someone write something where S31's actions aren't so rigidly defined as "bad" like they generally seem to be. I just don't see the entire organization being as completely morally bankrupt as they're consistently portrayed.

Though I did forget about that little bit in Demons/TP.
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