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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Then can I assume you don't buy one of the premises of "The Event", where for 66 years a "secret society" that transcends the authority of the US government had been holding aliens in a mega-secret prison facility and only now a President stumbles across it and decides to undo the damage so to speak?
Never seen that show, and as should be clear, I'm not a fan of conspiracy stories.

Rush does make a good point that the organization is de-centralized, so they couldn't be entirely weeded out in one fell swoop.
But again, it's inconsistent to argue both that they're so decentralized and that they could somehow retain a continuous identity and influence for generations as their membership changes. If they're that decentralized, then what was left after the big "weeding out" would just be a few malcontents here and there, nothing big enough, organized enough, or influential enough to have any major influence on events. I can marginally buy Section 31 managing to infiltrate its way into positions of influence once, particularly during the Dominion War when Federation and Starfleet officials were desperate and willing to compromise their principles for expediency. But it must've taken time to build up such a network in secret. If their role as an active manipulator of the government and the military were exposed, if their agents in those organizations were weeded out, then those organizations and the public would be on the alert against them from then on, and it would be hard for the few lingering remnants to gain any influence. So even if there were still a few scattered S31 loyalists here and there, the organization would still be effectively gone as a relevant force in the Federation. And those few lingering fragments would probably just die out or change focus eventually.

The Bajoran Underground was able to walk amongst the general public for fifty years without being completely eradicated.
That's because the general public wanted them there. Study your history. Terrorist and dissident groups are only able to function within a society if they have the cooperation of the general populace. Lots of people know about them, even provide them with resources and shelter, but they choose not to reveal what they know to the authorities, because they agree with what the group is doing, or at least see them as a necessary evil.

There is no way that the rank-and-file populace of the Federation would approve of Section 31, so they wouldn't give them succor or help them elude the authorities. It's simply not a viable analogy.

And 31 has managed to stay in hiding for three centuries within a society more technologically advanced than that of the present day with their biggest secrets passed on from one generation to the next.
That's the allegation. But the fact that something is asserted in fiction is not evidence that it's reasonable. The question is, how have they allegedly done that? Assertion isn't explanation.
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