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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Here is a little Who is Who in the TrekBBS Armada:

We currently have 2 fleet leaders.

One is Aelius, the fleet's founder. He is rarely in the game these days, atm completely away for technical reasons.
Aelius lives in the US so he might occasionally be on at better times than me (if you are also west of the Atlantic).
His captains in the Armada are: Feretti, Jack Bauer, Coryn and Rex

Then there is me of course, Timelord_Victorious
I live on the east end of the big pond, Germany to be precise. probably the reason why some of my event schedules are a little difficult to attend for some of you.
Besides general fleet stuff my specialty is running the Borg STFs. Iknow them enough to get you through them in a reasonable amout of time.
Need to work on Terradome a bit, but last I checked it still has an extremely unfair final battle which kept me from doing it so far.
You will meet me as Captains Thafool, Pine, Syusaza and M'Sarr

Next in line would be Senior Officer Trek88
He is our Quartermaster and in charge of the fleet bank.
If you need something out of the bank and have exceeded your withdrawel limit for the day or you need an item out of the officer's deposit Trek88 is the guy to talk to. Also if you need something that isn't currently in the bank he can help you get it. He is a Tribble breeder god. He can tell you how to get any specific tribble bred or help you do it if you want to take a short cut.
Trek88 is also on European time.
Look out for Captains Lex or Foxton.

Probably the most consistent player in the fleet next to me is Alendiak aka Blamo.
Anything concerning PvP is his field of expertise. If you need to know how best to skill or build for PvP ask him. He will help you group for PvP matches and win. Watch out though, he has a habit of rushing to the highest level in days, so most of the time he plays as a VA.
If you need hints on how to level fast he's also your guy.
Also European.
When you are in PvP you wanna be on the side of Captains: Daizen, Daizeno, Delelle, Kolam or Nebulana

Hartzilla is another one of our officers. He currently works the midlevels and can answer your general questions about the game and the fleet.
American Hero.
Look for Captain Hunter.

When you check the fleet roster you will notice a couple more officers: TenchiMasaki@HydeCiel and Tiernan Ayberry@Redbeard85.
They are not active players at the moment, but as founding members of the fleet will of course retain their original officer rank hopefully to one day return and not be purged like other member captains who remain inactive for more than 6 months.

Those are the officer ranked members.
And I noticed a strong European faction here, so I would welcome volunteers on the US side who are online halfway regularly and willing to help our player base, set up and run fleet events like STFs, PvP or general questing and leveling.

If you are on this list and like to add something to it feel free to do so.
if you are not and want to see your name on it, give me a call and we do something about it.

Good hunting... Timelord
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