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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Typical paranoid thinking. Oooh, the conspiracy is all-powerful and smarter than everyone and they've fooled us all, oooh!
Chris...with all respect, is that really necessary, to mock and straw-man like that?
His comments are a completely accurate summation of your argument. You have presented no evidence for your thesis that Section 31 would be that powerful, that knowledgeable, that intuitive, and that cunning, to the point of knowing about Tzenkethi operations on Romulus and staying in existence after the public thinks it's been rounded up and imprisoned for its crimes. All you have presented is an emotional "But it's been so secret and so good for so long" argument -- an argument based more upon emotional than logic, and which disregards the fact that a large percentage of the Section 31 operations we know about have been completely incompetent.

Surely we can have a debate on this without making it personal. Sheesh!
He did not insult you, he insulted your line of thinking. Your line of thinking is absurd, irrational, and deserves to be mocked far more mercilessly than Christopher did.
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