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Re: Star Trek: Online

No, there's a specific spot (pretty close to where it told you hide in the first place). If the Reman is still following you, pretty much go back to the start and walk away again, and by trying a few of the piles of rocks, you may trigger the next message.

Unfortunately, my Reman eventually just left (or disappeared), so when i got the message, I no longer had anyone to heal, and just reset the level instead. I only had to replay from the desert part, though, so not bad.

The white circle you're supposed to go to is either glitchy or so small that it is hidden by the rocks it's telling you to go to. In my case, I'd swear it was never there, because I tried to get the map as big as possible to find a hint once I couldn't find the spot.

From a writing standpoint, it's a great episode, and the graphics are great, just that one trigger seems a bit buggy...
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