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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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And those analogies are infinitely better than incomprehensible technobabble, that no one really cares about and doesn't make any sense anyway.

"The notion of transwarp beaming is like tryin to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet while wearing a blindfold riding a horse."

The "tailpipe" in TUC.

Or the nearly complete lack of explanation in TWOK for the Genesis device ... "life from lifelessness"
With the exception of Star Trek 2009, the other two have actual explanations to flesh out how they work.
If you can say right now exactly how a transporter works in the real world, and convince me Orci et al should have been aware of that explanation, then I'll agree that they might have considered fleshing out the bullet analogy, for the sake of realism.
Seems to me it would be about as difficult as fleshing out a magic terraforming torpedo. YMMV.
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