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Re: Let Me In (Possible Spoilers)

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I would recommend checking out the original (and IMO superior) Swedish version of the film, Let the Right One In.

As much as I liked the Americanized film, the kids in the original film were more nuanced, subtle actors and I felt the story was structured better. The climactic pool sequence was way better in the Swedish version as well.
I have to agree. The new version was certainly beautifully shot, and the young actors were quite good... but overall I found the original to be just a little bit creepier.

Not only the execution of the pool sequence-- the brighter lighting made it SO much eerier and more unexpected than the cliched moody lighting of the remake-- but the vampire effect for the girl was a helluva lot scarier too.
The original was a LOT creepier, if you ask me.. And if you want full on craziness/creepiness, read the book.. Holy crap!!

I'll be interested to see what happens when they (there's always a "they") make his second book Handling the Undead into a film.. The book is quite good..
I really want to read the book at some point. I guess I should see the US remake, but it just seems wrong with the original being so good.

On the subject of the differences between the two I think Mark Kermode made an interesting point. He said that Let Me In is a film about vampires that happens to feature children, whilst Let the Right One In is a film about children that happens to feature vampires...
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