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Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

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1. TNG
2. ENT - It's so underappreciated. Even the first two seasons are OK.
3. DS9 - I never liked the Dominion War.
4.VOY - It's the most consistent in quality, but never got as good as TNG and ENT.
5. TOS - It's too dated for my taste.

I haven't watched TAS.
wow....i almost completely disagree with u....

TNG is best, wholeheartedly agree there....but everything

DS9....conflict, the Israel thing....jadzia (nuf said)
TOS....miniskirts, klingons, kirk, spock, "i'm not a doctor...."
VOY.....Seven, Hirogen, the Doc, etc...
ENT....the 4th season was the best (and from what i've read the 5th would have been even better, but by then the damage was done and too little to late)

can't rank TAS since i haven't seen it
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