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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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^Well, as I said, no one out in the open would know. I would imagine, just as Koval and Sloan has a sort of "understanding" as to the actions of each others' orginization, so the cloak-and-dagger world of espionage has a different sort of "understanding".
But how would Section 31 know?

It's difficult enough for Western intelligence to penetrate North Korea, and North Korea is a human culture on Earth only diverged from another Korean culture within the lifetime of people now alive. How is Section 31 supposed to penetrate deep behind the facades of at least one highly xenophobic culture and determine the successful execution of a very subtle assassination/political engineering plot ordered by the Tzenketh Autarch?

It's possible, sure. It's also far from inevitable that Section 31 gets confirmatory proof.

Further, the reaction of the Romulans, if Section 31 got that proof and if this proof was communicated to the Romulans, is unpredictable. Hollow Men suggests that at least some Romulans recognized Sisko's role in the plot to maneuver the RSE into the Dominion War and didn't mind, thinking that he proved the Federation could do what needed to be done and not minding the hit against Vreenak. Who is to say that not a few Romulans, while being unhappy, might appreciate the role that the Tzenkethi played in getting rid of the violent ones?

Basically, as 31 frequently engages in Machiavellian manipulation of events--more so than SI and FSA--they know what to look for. The deeper you go in the netherworld of espionage, the more you see and understand.
Or the greater the number of shadows you're fencing off.

Frankly, on that note, I would imagine the Tal Shiar, had Koval still been alive, would have seen the Tzenkethi plot comming. Sela...I'm not so sure.
Agreed, here. Rebuilding the Tal Shi'ar is going to be an issue.
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