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Canadave. I've tried that before but this time it actually worked!

So here we go.

Found this the other night. Talk about hitting pay dirt!

Heres a shot of my main base from next to my wheat island. Living area is in the cave on the left, while the hut on the right shelters the top of my main mineshaft. And what can I say, I love waterfalls. And I really love this new texture pack!

A pretty little garden behind the house.

And finally, a view from the top of my currently under construction tower. I got tired of having to fight my way back home when I died, so I built a raised pathway from the spawn point, tunnelled under that mountain range in the background, and right to my front porch. Of course now with the new bed update, its kinda pointless. Maybe if I can mine enough iron I'll turn it into a minecar track.

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