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Re: Why does Germany get the cool novel covers?

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They've revealed a cover draft for Gebranntes Kind (Once Burned).

This will be the first Cross Cult NF novel that is not a reprint, since the former publisher hasn't published Once Burned and Double or Nothing for some reason and jumped directly to The Quit Place after Fire on High.

And no, I've no idea why Burgoyne is in the bar.

ETA: Burgoyne apparently is only a place holder in this early draft.
Is that supposed to be Calhoun as the prime figure getting the drink from the waitress? If so, it looks nothing like the Calhoun that has been used on the North American covers. Although, its seems Germany's Calhoun has also been protrayed as the same thuggish looking character Defcon just shared. So there are two interpretations out there? One for NA and one for Germany/Europe?
Not to bad, although I'm the biggest fan of their Calhoun.
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